What is Telegram?

Telegram messenger application is now the most popular messaging app which combines Whatsapp’s speed and Snapchat’s security. Users can log in Telegram across multi-platforms and operating systems. Telegram members can message with each other in the most secure way that cannot be attacked by hackers or government’s agencies.

Buy Telegram members

Telegram is frequently downloaded and used in Cryptocurrency Community because of its outstanding features such as the fast speed in messaging, growing groups with 100,000 users, unlimited size of sending media and chats. That is why this application become an ideal background for ICO projects and their communities. It is indispensable for people working in this community to owning an active and crowded user community on Telegram.

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99% of all ICO projects use Telegram group or channel to communicate with their user community. That means promoting your Telegram groups will promote your ICO projects.


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